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Step 1 - Choose A Cremation Service

Direct Cremation - Online Only


Our services include:

  • Transfer of the decedent from the place of death into our care (additional fee if more than 25 miles)
  • Caring for the deceased prior to cremation in our temperature controlled facility
  • Preparation and filing of the original death certificate and obtaining the permit to cremate from the county coroner
  • Alternative cardboard cremation container required by the crematory
  • Cremation of the decedent (for decedents weighing more than 250 lbs., additional fees apply)
  • Return of cremated remains in a temporary container
  • If you email us an obituary, we will post it on the Cremation Center website. We do not submit obituaries to any newspapers.
  • A storage fee of $89 per day may be assessed for  remains (non-cremated) in our custody longer than 7-days.
  • A Coroner's Permit fee of $50.00 will be assessed for any death that occurs in Johnson County or Shawnee County, Kansas and on any death outside the state of Kansas.
Continue With Cremation Arrangements

NOTE: Proceed only if a death has occurred. If you are preplanning, please stop, and call our office during business hours at 913.384.5566 for an appointment or click the botton below to make a pre-planning appointment online.

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